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Hands On – Best Device For Hands Beauty

Ayuni Organic  Skin Care   Hands On – Best Device For Hands Beauty

Hands On – Best Device For Hands Beauty

“Take Care of Your Hands at any age,” the hands are one of the most critical points in body care. From washing dishes to rotating a steering wheel, our hands are the hard worker of the body. They are exposed to different environments such as sunlight, extreme temperatures, and a lot of wear and tear. At the age of 30, the hand skin-cell production decreases by 10 percent, making your hand skin less efficient at revamping itself.

If you are facing any skin-related problem on your hands particularly females above 60, no need to worry. Now we have a device, called Hands On to keep your hands looking young and healthy. 

How does it work?

Today we are living in a perfect world, and Hands On has time to hit the spa every day. It makes your hands feel incredible, relief pain, reduce stress, anti-aging and even make healthier. To perform the function, this device uses the technology to transform the appearance of your hands. It works for massage, relaxes, and excite new cell growth for both hands simultaneously. It is very easy and straightforward to use this device with a one-touch start button. You need to place your hands under the machine to infrared lighting and relax. It’ll do the massage and relax for you. 

Hands On technology includes:

  • Illuminated OLED Display
  • Power ON/OFF Switch
  • Eight High power Airflow Generators (with software-controlled stream patterns to create a luxurious massage for both hands
  • High-Intensity Red Light To Deeply Penetrate Skin

Benefits of Hands On

Thanks to modern electric Hands On device, it is a good solution that can be used while watching television and resting. 

Easily Massages Your Hands

One of the most prominent benefits of Hands On is that it can relax and re-construct muscles, improve skin elasticity, relieve chronic pain, and help reduce anxiety. Besides, it combats the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women. Obviously, it is worth having the chance to reduce the sign of aging effect on your hands. During this procedure, the dynamic airflow of this device motivates the similar results that you may feel by putting your hands outside the window in the fresh air. So, it is relaxing, freeing, calming, and it feels fantastic.

Treatment by this device can also relieve everyday pain that typically happens due to a lot of handwork. This Hands On device can help you feel better when you need to be upon your hands under this device and feel relax.

Heals & Rejuvenates Hands Skin

Hands On can help reduce lower levels of pain as well as improve grip strength, heal and rejuvenate your skin quickly and easily.

Moreover, to supporting your relieving anxiety & feel relaxed, a hand massage can help you feel physically better. A study cited found that people who suffered from hand muscles pain reduced or eradicated their signs with a reflexology hand massage. Many participants in the study no longer needed to take medication for their hand pain treatment.

Suitable for Hand Finger

To get personal comfort, Hands On can freely control massage power, with a consistent intensity output, an effective alternative to artificial massage. It has an excellent stimulating effect on the nerves; it promotes metabolism, conducive to blood circulation, and reduce anti-aging effects. You will get improved circulation and soothing warmth when you place your hands into Hands On. 

For Smoothing Rough Skin Care

As we all know, elastin and collagen begin to reduce over the years, with time wrinkles being to appear and our skin starts losing its elasticity. Because sun radiations speed up this and contribute to a tough texture that most of the time, even cause of skin cancer.

Most of the time, you can treat rough skin with a homemade sugar scrub or olive oil. You can apply this remedy once a week. Olive oil is an excellent source of moisturizing because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, and the sugar buffs away rough patches,” while, there is one of the best solutions that are Hands On. It is suitable for smoothing rough skin.


Watch your aging effects into your hand skin. If they are in the worst condition, then must go for Hands On treatment. It is an excellent and effective solution for a hand that will help your hand skin stay hydrated, fresh, and relaxed.

More than Massage

Hands work more than other parts of the body. A lot of our work involves some computer work such as typing, scrolling, unnatural angles of the wrist, so it can all cause tension, strain, and sometimes pain. A Hands On treatment can help relieve any stress or pain in your hands. In short, it can go a long way toward helping you feel healthy and relaxed.

A hand treatment at Hands On goes beyond just reflexology. It includes aromatherapy to invigorate your hand wellness and mood. In this treatment, the skin gets exfoliated with scrubs to remove dry and damaged cells. After you can use oils and creams into the skin to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. 

Simple & Easy to Use

All you need is touch one button, and then place your hands in the Hands On device, and enjoy the relaxing and healing experience. You do not need a stopwatch since it has an auto timer facility which will inform you when the procedure is completed.

How to get it?

Our hands work all day long. They drive cars, type at computers, open jars, lift, hold, chop and slice, and touch tenderly. It can take a toll on your hands due to working all day long with no rest. Arm also do their fair share of work. But, indeed, these parts work hard with minimal regard or attention. A Hands On treatment can give your hands the necessary relaxation and transformation they need to keep working hard for you all day. There is one question how to get it; the answer is simple.

If you’re looking for an active and healthy treatment to give you younger, fresh, and gorgeous looking hands that compliment your daily beauty routine, then Hands On is the answer to your question! For this, you need to sign up to get exclusive updates about Kickstarter Campaign that will be launched in November 2019. We sure you will get your Hands On this fantastic device as soon as it’s available. Take Care of Your Hands & enjoy younger, healthier, and more attractive looking hands with Hands On.

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