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Ayuni Organic  Organic – Vitamin C Mist

Organic – Vitamin C Mist

$34.99 $27.50

  • Antioxident
  • Young and glowing look
  • Keeps the face perfectly hydrated
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Various problems such as redness, dryness, pigmentation, and blemishes can be managed properly by best vitamin C energizing face mist or spraying mist daily on facial skin.

Such face mists perfectly embed in the skin and significantly promote the blood circulation throughout the face. This reduces inflammation and other visible flaws, giving the face a glowing look.


  • Ayuni Energizing Mist combats all the major to minor problems of the skin. The anti-oxidants in Ayuni mist neutralizes the free radicals which cause aging and breakouts on the skin.
  • The Vitamin C in Ayuni mist promotes collagen production which enables elasticity and protects the skin from aging.
  • It also rejuvenates cells deeply for youthful appearance throughout your life. The ingredients of Ayuni energizing vitamin C mist are not harmful and suits all ages.
  • A number of natural ingredients such as Amla, Camu Camu fruit extract soothe the inflammation and gives fresher look while brightening the face throughout the day.
  • It also provides instant freshness and facial hydration when needed, therefore, best for carrying in the bag throughout the day.
  • Ayuni energizing mist’s formula along with Vitamin C goodness and fruity smell satisfy users need with best and visible outcomes.