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USA-grown organics

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No bitter taste

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100% Vegan

Processed at the state of the art facility + Stringent testing procedures

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Euphoria Pack


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AKA Verified Speciosa Store

AKA GMP Certification is awarded to companies that meet a high level of compliance + inspections of facilities and GMP-related documentation. We are proud to be on the list of AKA verified vendors.

Diverse Product Range

Our focus is solely on sourcing the finest quality from and making it available to America. You won’t find 50 different strains, blends and packs, just the highest quality possible on the market.

Foil Blister Packaging

We use foil blister packaging that ensures the necessary high-quality, freshness and safety for products.

Testing And Certification

We perform double testing: once in our in-house labs and then by an independent scientific government laboratory to solidify our product’s strength, purity, and consistency.

4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 50,000 Verified Customers